Kindergarten Programmes


At Wilderness International Kindergarten children discover, explore and create as they develop independence, build friendships and learn to be active members of their community.

 As they mature they further develop their relationships and more complex thinking, communication and language skills. Children will develop a deeper understanding of their world and the impact they have upon it.


The K1 programme ‘Foundation’ is carefully constructed to embrace play as part of our Units of Inquiry. Through play our students are encouraged to explore, inquire, express themselves and develop their social skills.  They learn to take turns, listen to others and express themselves in different modes. Daily literacy, numeracy, and Chinese language lessons are integrated into the units.


In K2 ‘ Discovery’ we use intentional and deliberate teaching strategies that support and scaffold literacy and numeracy learning within our play based environment.  Our students are encouraged from an early age to think independently, to embrace new challenges and think critically. The ‘My Community’ Unit of Inquiry helps build new friendships and creates a wonderful sense of belonging.  

Units of Inquiry – K2
My Community – How do I belong?
Let’s Explore – Discover and investigate living things
Express Yourself – We can express ourselves in many different ways
My Garden – Plants are a life-sustaining resource


The K3 programme ‘Composers’ encourages active participation and ownership of students’ growth and learning with a focus on literacy and numeracy.

Units of Inquiry – K3
Tell me a story – Stories can transport us to a new world
RRR – Reuse, recycle and take care of our environment
How do we learn? – Collaboration means we listen and articulate our thoughts appropriately
My Garden – Observe the world around us