Playgroup Programmes

Wilderness Playgroup

Playgroup-A bespoke Early Childhood Environment at ‘Wilderness’

Your journey at ‘Wilderness’ begins with our playgroup experience. At ‘Wilderness’ your child will thrive in a stimulating environment where children are encouraged to be active, engaged and immersed in a social environment that builds confidence whilst promoting healthy development and pure enjoyment.

Our playgroup programmes are designed to help children learn and embrace through their natural curiosity. Our play play-centered programmes offers each child the opportunity to develop their pre-numeracy and language skills by asking questions, predicting, imagining and wondering. Purposeful engagement with parents, professional and friends help our children develop a physical, social, emotional and cognitive.

Caterpillars (6 – 11 months old)

Even babies enjoy been outdoors during good weather, feeling the wind, hearing the sound of birds and experiencing the senses of the ‘Wilderness’ gardens and play space. Other activities like Tummy Time, Tempo time and Crawling Time will be scheduled within the ‘Wilderness’ bespoke learning spaces. Interaction, stimulation and activity are crucial during this evolving stage in your child’s development.

Chrysalis (12 – 24 months old)

Play and Laughter is an integral part of all our programmes at ‘Wilderness

Imaginative  play, painting, constructing with play-dough, sandpit exploring, water play and story time make the Chrysalis programme action-packed. Skill development is always carried out within an atmosphere of nurturing confidence, social skills, listening skills and fun. Allowing children to make choices from a very early age encourages autonomy, learning and self-control. Control leads to good self-esteem and internalised confidence.  Children who do not have the opportunities to build autonomy are more likely to remain dependent on adults or be overly influenced by peers. So what will it be…..today?  

Butterflies (24 – 36 months old)

Challenging, interesting and engaging opportunities are expertly planned and executed at ‘Wilderness’ so that children can initiate, direct and control their own learning experiences.   Sometimes children do not make good choices and this becomes a valuable developmental opportunity to learn about safe and positive behaviours. This lays the foundation for understanding what is fair and respectful. Confidence and strong positive relationships are built when children internalise their choices and when their opinion is valued. “Butterflies” are exposed regularly to books, listening, music, visual art, dance and manipulative play. Their choices expand as does their understanding of the world around them.

Wilderness Prep (24 – 36 months old)

Wilderness Prep incorporates all the developmental activities and well-being focus of our Butterfly Playgroup but incorporates more routine and places a greater emphasis on independence and communication with others.

During the ‘transition phase’ of Wilderness Prep our intention is to truly ensure each child feels totally secure, confident and socialising well within a caring  and nurturing atmosphere.

Wilderness Prep is the ideal preparation for full-time K1 Kindergarten classes and throughout this preparatory programme we maintain our commitment to exploration, play and outdoor activities.


At a Glance

Class Age Session Span Class Capacity Teachers
Caterpillars 6-11 months 60 minutes 8 2 per group
Chrysalis 12-24 months 90 minutes 12 2 per group
Butterflies 24-36 months 2 hours 12 2 per group
Wilderness Prep 24–36months 3 hours 14 2 per group