Parent Academy

Research indicates that parent involvement in their child’s education significantly improves their learning.  This crucial contribution is linked to a child’s sense of confidence and security.

When your child senses your interest in what she or he is doing at  ‘kindy’, it can increase their chances of success.  

The US National Education Association states that “Your child is more likely to make better grades and higher test scores, have good attendance, show proper behavior, and exhibit better social skills when you’re involved”

At Wilderness International Kindergarten, we believe that parents are crucial to the teaching and learning process.  

At Wilderness International Kindergarten we seek to facilitate a strong parent partnership by:

  • Offering ample opportunities for consultation and contact with your child’s teachers
  • Articulate a clear communication and assessment plan to keep parents informed about their child’s progress

Convening a range of parent workshops, social events, open days and cultural celebrations for all families so they can build a body of knowledge about best practice in ECE and be involved in the formal education of their child.

Parent Academy Schedule

Event Date & Time
Wilderness International Kindergarten Meet our team ‘Our educational philosophy on Early Childhood Education’ TBA

Introduction to the IB PYP

Learn about the IB Early Years Programme TBA
Introduction to Inquiry Based Learning How is Inquiry based learning different? TBA
Introduction to Reggio Inspired Curriculum How does it impact on our teaching and learning? TBA
Learning through Play What do children learn from play? TBA
Math Workshop Using manipulatives – How? Why? TBA
Science in a child’s world Skills our children need TBA
Reading Workshop How can you support the development of your child’s early literacy skills? TBA
Writing Workshop How can you support the development of your child’s early literacy skills? TBA
Mother Tongue Why is Mother Tongue important?  TBA
Friends of Wilderness International Kindergarten Guest speaker  TBA